GetResponse Review

Today I would consider GetResponse to be on the most competitive email autoresponder services for normal end users. Similar competitors would be services such as Aweber or Mailchimp.

I have been using GetResponse for over a year now and have overall been very happy with the service.
in this review I will cover everything you need to know about the GetResponse service. I will be covering each aspect of the service in separate sections.

Speed & Ease Of Use

GetResponse offers a very intuitive interface for managing your email lists. Once you log in you will be presented with several options to get started with your email campaign:

Speed & Ease Of Use

You can easily setup segmentation between your email lists as soon as you login. GetResponse allows you to switch between “campaigns” which are technically just different email lists.

Submitting email messages can be done either through a GUI based email creator or using their own HTML editor. Upon setting up a message you will be given the option to populate the email subject line, share with Facebook & Twitter, track your email click through rates and even run A/B split testing.

Email settings

The GUI editor offers a wide selection of templates that can be used, for example at the time of writing this Valentines day was approaching so GetResponse is additionally offering Valentines day email templates as seen in the next screenshot:

Valentines day

If you decide to start from scratch, you can populate your email message with drag & drop elements such as text blocks, images, and line breaks. They also offer a mobile inbox preview to give you an example of what your email will look like for someone who is using a mobile device to read your email message.

mobile devices

You also have the option to segment which email lists will receive your email and even exclude unwanted recipients.

Overall the speed and and usage of the messaging system takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you will be sending out emails with ease. The overall site navigation is fairly straight forward and simple to navigate through.

Each section of the site is split up making it easy to additionally manage contacts, manage your newsletter messages, statistics, create opt-in forms, surveys, and even landing pages with an optional upgrade.

Importing Email Contacts

If you plan to import contacts from another service GetResponse actually allows you to import your contacts without the need to confirm their opt-in again. This is a huge advantage to the GetResponse service.

I actually had over 50 contacts from a simple WordPress plugin I used to gather emails before I ever signed up for any service.

When I signed up with Aweber I attempted to import those contacts and of course because they needed to confirm their subscription I had many people ignore it and most likely have no idea what it was.

Since I couldn’t email these people (Unless I did it one by one) I basically could not get them onto my list. With GetResponse I was able to just add them and begin emailing them right away.

Email Open Rates & Statistics

As soon as you login to your GetResponse account you will see some statistics about your most recently sent email blast. I currently have an email list with about 400~ people on it and typically see about a 10% open rate. I can also view the percentage of people who are clicking on links within my email.

Here is an example:

News Letter

Of course the open rate is not entirely dependent on the GetResponse service itself. Overall I’ve found when testing my email blasts against my own Hotmail and Gmail based accounts the emails arrive within a couple minutes and never end up in any of my junk or spam folders which is a huge plus.

AutoResponder 2.0

Most email services give users the capability to setup an autoresponder or the ability to “auto-schedule” your email blasts. GetResponse has one of the most intuitive calendar based systems I have used as of yet.

Here is an example from one of my campaigns showing the Time based autoresponder:

Auto Responder

As you can see I have setup an initial email to be delivered as soon as someone signs up on my list. This is perfect for delivering your eBook or a free giveaway incentive.

After they receive that first email they will receive a 2nd, 3rd and 3th email every 7 days all on autopilot. It’s very easy to create new messages using this calendar view, this is by far one of my favorite features of GetResponse.

You can also set up action based autoresponders, an email could be sent out based on a user opening an email, not opening an email, clicking a link etc. Based on those actions you can send out different emails depending on how users interact with the emails you send out.

Email List Management

GetResponse recently introduced their new search contacts interface which gives users full control over their email marketing campaigns. You can easily manage users with advanced targeting and search capabilities.

This system is a major improvement from their previous system, I had previously been unable to set specific filters to manage my contacts they way I would have liked. The new interface is a huge step up for GetResponse in terms of email management.

Additional Features Included With GetResponse

  • Surveys

    You can create surveys for your email lists

  • Time Zone email delivery

    You can have emails delivered in the same time zone based on where the users on your email list are located. This is a very cool feature, everyone will basically be receiving the emails for their own local time.

  • Inbox Preview

    You can preview how your email blast will look on Mobile devices as well as within different email provider systems.

  • Mobile Application

    You can download the GetResponse app on your Android or Iphone device to manage your lists and view statistics.

Customer Service & Support

GetResponse offers great customer service, upon initially signing up for the service I received a phone call from one of the companies representatives to ask me if I had any questions or concerns about getting started.

I was a bit taken back by this at first, to think out of all the services I’ve ever signed up for online how often do you actually get a phone call from a real person? I’d say most often, almost never! When you consider most services keep you in a “queue” till someone is available to help they have certainly gone above and beyond by calling their new customers to see if they have any questions.

GetResponse offers a wide variety of support options via phone, chat, email, FAQ, video tutorials, and forums.


I’ve used the chat feature to contact support as well and found it to be very easy to communicate with customer service to get my questions answered quickly.

One of the main reasons I decided to use GetResponse as an email responder was the price. You can find detailed information about GetResponse Pricing here.

Since my list was small I was able to import around ~250-300 contacts from Aweber and use the $15 per month subscription for under 1000 email addresses. Once you grow a larger email list of up to 2500 you can upgrade for $25 per month. Each service plan also offers discounts for annual membership.

GetResponse also offers a 30 day trial to test drive the service, during the trial you will have all the functionality of a paid member so you can really see all that GetResponse has to offer.


Overall I am very happy with GetResponse.

Here is a list of what I did and didn’t like about the service.

What I like about GetResponse:

  • The email delivery rate is great.
  • Wide selection of email templates and opt-in forms.
  • Easy to manage contacts and manage email segmentation
  • Very simple to use interface for automatic Autoresponders
  • Importing contacts was a breeze and did not require users to opt-in (HUGE plus)
  • Customer service has been very friendly and offers lots of ways to contact them for help.
  • Great API Integration with popular marketing systems (JvZoo, Hybrid Connect).

What I don’t like about GetResponse:

  • Takes a bit longer than I’d like to send out a very “basic” email without using a template. I think when comparing to Aweber it’s faster if you just want to send out a quick email.
  • No way to easily manage contacts based on who has opened an email and when (Would be nice to remove junk emails or people who never open them)

To sum it up I have been using GetResponse for the past year without many issues and I would highly recommend it to those that are looking to build an email list online. GetResponse is an affordable solution packed with great features and the company provides great customer service.

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