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Spreading The Word, 4k At A Time…

You are a true hero of mine…this is FANTASTIC right down to the design and delivery…aside form sending in my next email to 4,000+, let me know how I can ever be of assistance. LB



It was very inspirational to hear you on the morning show today! congrats! you sounded poised, super savvy and passionate about your work.  Tom & I especially enjoyed the Canada Post lady squirm on the funding question! Keep on being the earth warrior!:o)


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Thank you so much for starting the red dot campaign.It is people like you that inspire us all to help our communities!

You are fantastic.

I blogged about your campaign:

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!



Forward to a Friend?

Thank you for this wonderful campaign! I have already printed off my letter and left it in my mailbox for my carrier.If I could make one suggestion: could you please add a button on your website that enables people to forward your home page to a list of friends?

Thanks, and good luck for a highly successful undertaking,




Three Cheers!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  For years I have been told that Canada Post is obliged UNDER LAW to deliver admail. I have emailed all my friends and acquaintances about your campaign. Thank you for exposing the red dot option – our forests, and all the fauna and flora that depend upon them, will be the ultimate benefactors. Three cheers for Beth! May the forest be with you, Steve



I just heard your interview on CBC and checked out the website – what a great, SIMPLE solution!
However, I have one question that wasn’t addressed on the FAQ page.  If I put up a red dot and stop having junk mail delivered to my house, what does the mailperson do with it?  Is there any guarantee that they won’t just throw it out somewhere (i.e., not recycle it, as I do) or put it in someone else’s mailbox?  I’m not suggesting that mailpeople are lazy; I just know that if I had to carry that heavy mail bag on flyers day, I’d be tempted to dump the extra weight somewhere. Thanks.


Junk Mail Warrior

I was so happy to find your website via a Globe and Mail article I read today. I have already printed out the appropriate documentation and yet again I have filled in the No Mail / No Phone form. Back in the mid 90’s I became so fed up with junk mail and phone telemarketers that I made it a personal goal to try and eliminate it from my life.  I was still a younger hot-headed man back then so it took a lot of practice especially with the telemarketers to get around their scripts and to get what I wanted out of them without losing my temper.  I found out very early on that you had to be a cool cookie when dealing with telemarketers over the phone. Over the years I have become so practiced at eliminating my junk mail and telemarketing phone calls that I virtually have none.  It has also taught me a lot about myself and how to interact with people to reach a goal that I have.  In short it was an invalualbe excercise that I am glad I challenged myself with. Now with the the prospects of the no call list actually becoming a reality and efforts from smart minded people like you I hope my days of tounge tying telemarketers are over! Again, great work!  Cheers, Cory



I just wanted to say thanks for starting the Red Dot campaign.  I know that Canada Post actually started it, but your efforts are bringing into the limelight!  And that’s great!  Had I have known that Canada Post had such an option I would have signed up for it years ago.  Thanks for  bringing it to Canada’s attention! You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work! Just a suggestion maybe your web site could also encourage people to sign up with Canada’s e-Post service so they can get their bills electronically and together we can save even more paper!

BTW if you’re interested in a quick daily read filled with green tips I suggest you check out  It’s a free online daily e-newsletter that’s got some great green ideas!

Thanks again,

Chris, Edmonton, AB


More Info

I’m fully supportive of your campaign. Just a clarification of facts. I have worked for CPC, the red dots have been in existence for much more than a year.  They are the only way to alert the post office that junk (unaddressed) mail is not desired. People have to register with the local postal depot; the letter carrier will affix the red dot.  The post office needs to know the numbers in order to adjust their distribution of material to the letter carrier. Any personal notes like “no junk mail” will NOT be respected by the letter carrier. The post office has never publicized this service because its widespread use would have serious impact on profits. The reason most people continue to receive their junk is because they can’t live without their community newspaper. Seniors love it because it’s the only mail they receive and they believe their winning Readers Digest jackpot is in the mail.


Beth Response – We believe leaving a letter is the most fool-proof. We like the No Junk Mail sign in addition since it helps us spread the word.



Love your campaign, great idea. Now if somehow we could stop the local community newspapers from stuffing their papers with advertising paper that no one reads and usually winds up blowing all around the neighbourhood or getting soaked on the front porch we’d all be better off.

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