Email Spam management with top Email Spam Checkers and Filters

Spam email has increased in our emails today, of around 94 emails that are send today, 92 are spam emails.  Junk mail as its known sometimes is an electronic spam that involves identical messages that are sent to various recipients that have links towards phising websites of websites holding malware. In most cases spam involves malware which are executable file attachment. At the same time, spam can include those unsolicited emails that are usually sent in bulk.  These unsolicited emails have become a common practice today, with internet service providers taking steps and forking out spammers to courtrooms. But even with the actions from ISP’s still compensation has not been given or law created to effectively fight spamming. By 2010, a research done by the Message Anti-Abuse Working Group indicated that 88-92% of email sent was spam. That’s quite a number; hence it is upon corporations and email users to protect themselves from spamming. But in most cases it’s not easy to identify a spam email to a true email; indeed sometimes we are confused by certain emails which seem to be familiar and unfamiliar. At the same time, if you are tired on unsolicited emails that keep filling your inbox overtime. Spam checking involves two processes, spam filtering and checking.

Email Spam Checkers and Filters

Spam filters and checkers are tools that are essential in checking whether the email that has been send to you or you have created is either a spam or not.  The following are some of the top email spam filters that could help you deal with the challenge.

  • POPFile- POPfile is one of the powerful spam filters available, it’s able to flexibly classify email in POP and NNTP proxies which are able to filter spam efficiently and manage to categorize good email with spam successfully.  The only challenge with POPFile is that it can grow heavy and work on the computer memory when you have lots of mail to work out.
  • Spamfence- It’s an effortless service but very effective spam filter. It requires two email accounts to use, but it has shortcomings including its reliance on forwarding. Go to to learn more about Spamfence.
  • Spamato– Spamato is able to filter both POP and IMAP
  • Spam Check- SpamCheck was created to offer free spam check services, it is able to analyse your emails and then define a reduction on the possible odds of your email being filtered.
  • Spam Checker Tool- This is a free spam checker tool that is essential in checking your emails so that you can avoid email filters.

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Getting the Right Filter and Checker

The above tools can help in effective spam management either in spam checking or filtering, but then choosing the right one is your choice. The following are some of the factors that can help in defining the right filter/checker.

  • Filtering/Checking- Reliable spam checking is a more valuable feature as it is in filtering.  Both checking and filtering tools should be equipped with multiple capabilities to identify and protect your inbox from junk mail that is major concern. Hence better tools have sensitivity tools including white and black lists, challenge and response techniques and quarantine settings. In most cases settings like IP address blocking or blocking by server or email address are necessary for filters.
  • Protection- Spam filtering tools should have such capability to protect users from such emails that contain or might contain worms and viruses, attachments that are embedded keyloggers and Trojans plus malware. At the same it should identify HTML emails that contain phishing attacks that are designed to achieve user sensitivity personal information.
  • Rules- The tools should be able to give the user the ability to set pred3efined rules settings and possibility to create new rules. A better tool should be able to be defined to meet the needs of the user.
  • Compatibility- Spam checkers and tools should be able to be compatible with user email settings, email client and webmail service provider. It means all applications that support emails should be compatible for proper stability and access plus compatibility with webmail service providers.

Indeed, its very disturbing that junk mails fill our inboxes or rather it will not be okay to send a spam email to your client or friend.  A filter will guarantee that you don’t receive dangerous and spam emails while checkers will you don’t send a spam and unwarranted email. Thus, each tool is effective in its way in ensuring proper emails are sent and received at the same time.

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