Aweber Vs MailChimp: The Best of Email marketing

Email or electronic marketing is a common marketing concepts used today by corporations, small and large. The basic concept of email marketing is to be able to send commercial messages or emails to a large group of email users. In most cases, commercially it involves using the email in sending either adverts, solicitation of business, sales and donations. For most bloggers today email marketing is a tool that is very essential in building loyalty and trust to a business, even awareness. Indeed, in every way email marketing provides faster and cheaper services to users, it reduces delay and essentially reaches as many people as possible. List building is on the top of email marketing. On top of the email marketing and link building service providers are Aweber and MailChimp. These services are relatively essential in growing website traffic to your blogs, promoting products and target a new and increased traffic. The two services literally offer  the same services but at the same time have various differences on the type and how they offer them. Thereby, below are comparisons between the two top email marketing services providers.

Interface and Form Design

An interface can define the decision of any individual choosing a particular email marketing  service. Both services have quite distinctive interface features which sometimes take sometime  to learn. Aweber presents its interface training using a how to do videos which are essential in learning how to use the interface especially for new users. Aweber’s interface is simply friendly  and has powerful features which are very enjoyable once you learn to use them. MailChimp  interface is more colorful platform and simply friendly. It also has videos to teach you how to use the interface effectively. Both Aweber and MailChimp interface are friendly and colorful once you learn how to use them.

On for design, Aweber offers a wide range and selection of custom form designs, these designs range in color, size and background. It focuses in inbuilt opt-in forms. On the other hand, MailChimp develops external opt-in forms that are hosted on its site. MailChimp also allows you to design your own form designs and even create pop ups but provides three templates for on-site forms. Aweber therefore is the best in offering customized and effective form designs.

Email Drafting and Design

The Aweber text editor needs a little of improvement as it’s horrendous. This is because if you have like drafting your emails by first writing it in an MS Word and then cut pasting, it will be tough to do so. When hitting paste it becomes quite a tough job as the format is different from the normal one. But good news is that Aweber will relaunch its text editor very soon. But it’s MailChimp which excels in email drafting and design. It offers a large selection of email templates hence you can be able to strip down a template you wish to use. Hence creating email  using MailChimp is simply easier and straight forward. Click here to take a look on drag-and-drop editor of Wweber.

Message Tracking

Message tracking is done by both service providers. But with MailChimp with the free service you are not able to use the email time and tracking tools. On the other hand, Aweber excels in tracking ability for opens and clicks and even conversions. Their tracking services are simpler and provide wonderful analytics.


In terms of price, MailChimp is the winner as it is absolutely of charge. MailChimp is very significant for new users of email marketing; it’s free of charge though if your subscribers are below 2000 with less than 12,000 emails sent on a monthly basis. Even if MailChimp is free to use, it also lacks some important features at these stage. First with a free usage, there are certain restrictions that come with it especially the delivery doctor and the inbox inspector tools. The delivery doctor tool is essentially in testing whether your campaigns are quality and do not present spam issues or user ISP challenges. The other inbox inspector tool on the other hand is essential in reinventing the inbox into an attractive format plus time wrapping ensuring the time delivery of emails.

On the other hand Aweber is not free of charge as it charges $19 per month for less than 500 subscribers. But they are kind enough to provide a @1 a month trial with a pay back if you don’t like their service. Between the two email marketing services, MailChimp is the most affordable and cost effective compared to Aweber even to a more than 5000 subscribers mark.


In conclusion both service providers are wonderful in their own right objectives and functions. But if you are new blogger or newbie in email marketing and require an affordable service then  MailChimp is the best. On the other hand if you want a strong and value efficiency in email marketing, then Aweber is your bet.

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