Aweber vs. Getresponse: A Battle of Wits

Getresponse and Aweber are tools that host your email list, they as well create eye catching newsletter temperate and send them to your subscribers. They also have feature like auto-responders that allows you to automate communications to your subscribers. These newsletters may appear to your subscribers at given intervals like when they sign in. They may contain welcome notes, list of services or goods you have or as well encourage them to get you on social media. This is simply a tip of iceberg, there are many things you can do using the newsletter.


Aweber’s templates are 600 and they are better than getresponce’s as they are visually appealing and they can be used over a wide range as compared to getresponce of marketing applications. You will not regret spending your money on this. Its quality is much better even though this depends on the user’s preference though you should compare that quality with getresponce before you dislike it. Getresponce also has got 500 templates 100 less as aweber; the only remarkable thing about this template is that they are easily editable. They also look fairly fine but at time they can get boring. Getresponces templates are made in a manner that they look different in Smartphone and desktop computers while aweber’s templates are designed in the same manner across all devices.


Getresponse is by far cheaper than aweber. As well it’s pricing as you continue up decreases, for instant, if your mailing list is 1oo email addresses then the cost in getresponse will be $1.275 as compared to $2.9 when using aweber. And for many email addresses let’s say 25000, getresponce will charge you $123 while aweber will need you to pay $149. These systems over various discounts, you can pay them annually but aweber offers quarterly discounts.


Main features

Both aweber and getresponce have got similar features whereby the main features are:

  • Templates with wide range of well designed newsletter
  • Auto responder a feature that allows one to send automated newsletters to subscribers at given intervals
  • They have the ability to host mailings and capture data trough HTML codes.
  • RSS functionality that automatically sends your posts on your blog to the subscribers.
  • Keeps statistics of subscribers that open your emails, unsubscribing or clicking links
  • Message builders which are easy to use when creating and editing e-newsletters
  • They can integrate with third part sites like PayPal, Amazon payment and others that can allow you add clients to the mailing list

The main differences

Even though they have got the same main key features there are about two areas that getresponce is different and better than aweber:

The approach in aweber in that it lacks the responsive email design thus very cumbersome to user in Smartphone, however, the increase in the screen size of Smartphones may be a remedy. Also it is very strict in contact importing in that you cannot import your own list and the people you are importing have to confirm their subscription and no data can be added to your list until they click on the confirmation link. Well as in getresponce they allow you to use your own list.

Likely there is one area that is better over getresponse and this is its ability to integrate with other third part sites. Even though all the tools offer integration options with third parties aweber’s integration is automatic as compared to getresponce where you need to set up a Zapier to enable it work.

Free trials?

Aweber does not give a free trial what you have to do is pay $1 that will enable you use it for exactly one month before you upgrade it into its proper plan. Getresponces gives a free trial of up to one month (30 days) of which you will start to pay and they never ask for details of your credit card during the trial. If you want to start a free, no risk, 30 day trial at Getrsponse, just visit their site.


There are only handful alternatives for aweber and get response. They are; campaign monitor, icontact, mailchimp, constant contact and mad Mimi which is the cheapest of them all and with magnificent features thus very commonly used.

All these, aweber and getrespoonce offer a verity of tools that can really help you to communicate and maintain email database. They are as well easy to use. With all the comparisons given I fill that getresponce gained high hand as it is cheaper and offers free trial unlike aweber, as well getresponse allows importing contacts and provides responsive email design.

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