Aweber vs. Constant Contact: Which is the Best

These are email newsletters which advertise new products, services and any other news that a given Company may want people to know. Though many companies have not figured the best way to use these email newsletters such as; aweber, instant contact, icontanct and even getresponce so they end up giving up on them. Never give up what you need is to get a professional service provider and start enjoying the whole package.


Aweber and instant contact has got great and different features such as email temperate and the ability to upload or change a temperate and even insert your own temperate.


  • Constant contact, this is a feature that every client receives the moment they starting working with these email newsletters. The role of this feature is to remind clients monthly through an automated email to update their insurance save money in few areas and complete their budgets. Every email sent is customized hence provides touch points that do not require much time doing it. Since these emails are delivered without templates they are just similar to regular emails.
  • Aweber, it has been the outstanding in email business for so many years this is due to its best services and features. How do they work? When new visitors join your newsletter, mind you it is free; they are automatically given a 30 day auto responder. This auto responder provides value thus the visitors are motivated and encouraged to buy your eBook along the way.

Once they have bought the eBook aweber gets them out of the auto responder because they do not need it anymore and can add them into another responder that you choose. You can use aweber to send emails to Need a Topic. Aweber outshines constant contact here with a huge amount of automation and programming that only few providers can manage.


This provider allows you to send six times to your subscriber base every month in that if your subscription are 100 subscribers then you are able to send 600 emails.

  • Aweber.

Aweber is very economical at this because it allows you to send an unlimited number of emails. Here aweber sounds a better option



Aweber is more expensive than constant contact but can be relatively cheaper if you are mostly engaged in anything to do with ecommerce.

Pros and Cons

When you are intended to publish a newsletter for a company then constant contact can be the best choice. This is because they have got an extensive library with ezine templates, templates that can be customized easily. As well it gives options of small number of images, of which you can buy more hosting space for pictures. Aweber does not provide the option of image hosting therefore images are uploaded to your blog or website for example through FTP.

It is advisable when sending HTML emails such as e-flyers and news letter to send a pliant text with it as it can be helpful for those people whose email programs do not support HTML or it is blocked by the companies firewall and to even those whose preference is to read text only emails. Here constant contact’s template generates the TXT version unlike aweber where you manually create those versions (TVT) which is a very tasking exercise. But if you have a tool like premailer with HTML ezine hosted in the website you are using then it can be of great help.

Aweber can be easy to use if your plan is to have several email newsletters published as well as when your ambition is to collect many subscribers online. Aweber offers you separate sign up form for every newsletter as well as the pop up signs for forms has proved to be very effective. During the sign up aweber provides the best user experience as you can easily redirect the subscribers to various pages in your site such as freebie or deliver sign up bonus.

If you have a list of existing clients that you can import into your account then constant contact can be the better choice unlike aweber where new clients are sent a confirmation email. This email allows the clients to give you permission if they need extra messages. This exercise can decimate your list even the one with confirmed contacts. Constant contact allows you to import those people you know can be interested in receiving your news letter.

Constant contact allows you to know how many people emails were sent to, which one and how many were opened, who forwarded an email to another person and many others. Aweber provides limited reporting capabilities.

If you need a cheaper, full featured, preferably user friendly auto-responder and a newsletter publisher then I recommend aweber.

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